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Tasneem Juzer Kachwla

Multidisciplinary Designer | Industrial | Infographics


+91 9359335838



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Date of Birth:

November 27th, 2000

About Me

I am a Multidisciplinary designer with a major in Industrial Arts and Design Practices (B.Des).

I have approximately three years of experience in graphic and infographic designing for companies, mainly in the financial and analytical sectors. I am skilled at visually enhancing and editing presentations and reports to make them reader-friendly and on-brand.

My range of industrial projects broadly fits into the categories of textile designing and lifestyle products. Within these categories, I have worked with decorative lighting, textile patterning, printing, weaves, and mood boarding. I have also worked closely with various Indian craft industries to bridge the gap between today’s market trends, technology, and dying traditional crafts.

I am proficient in research, ideating, conceptualizing and prototyping at various stages of product development.


I am highly adaptive and have worked with various teams, professionals, and organizations to generate both digital and physical end results.

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