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These projects are primarily related to industrial arts, textiles, and lifestyle products.

Works related to my infographic design experience are available on request to maintain the confidentiality of the companies and organizations I have worked with.

Gardens Of Paradise

Ambient Pendant Lights inspired by the Islamic Gardens.

Crafted using the dying art of Copper Enameling in Alibaug, Maharashtra


Tackling Effects Of Abrasion On Useful Life Of Jeans

The aim of this project is to minimize denim waste by tackling this issue of abrasion in the inner thigh area of denim jeans and extending its life post-abrasion.


Santri Reshe

A Unique Table Lamp inspired By The Form Of An Orange. 
Created Using The Dying Technique Of Sultana Craft.



A Block-printed Stole, inspired by stories of the third eye.



A Forged Multi-purpose Bottle Opener.

Designing A Souvenir Inspired By The Spirit Of The Rich And Diverse Culture Of Amabeda Bazaar, Chhattisgarh.


Exploring Tablet Weaving

Inspired by various things and sceneries in the surrounding; this is an exploration of tablet weaving to understand the technique, layouts and combinations with this craft.

Tasneem kachwala_Design process A3_Page_42_edited.jpg

Patterns and Prints 

Experiment with Seamless Patterning.

Creating seamless patterns using elements and visuals from the surrounding areas.

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